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Lily Kate’s Newborn Photos


Y’all, it was fun for me to plan these photos.  Girl photos of my own!!  I had a bunch of ideas and inspiration, and as usually happens, new ideas sprang up during the actual shooting and I went with them.  I just gave you the secret of my entire creative process by the way.  Start with […]

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Amelia Newborn


Sweet Amelia was about three weeks old for her first photo shoot and just as cute as she could be!  Her big brother is SO in love with her, and was so excited to be photographed holding his little sissy.  This sweet family had a big first few weeks with their baby girl – right […]

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Abagail Newborn | Dallas Newborn Photography


Abagail is the third sister in her family, and I’ve had the privelage of photographing all three of them as newborns!  You can see biggest sister Betsy’s newborn photos here, and middle sister Lillian’s here.  Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any baby fever that occurs as a result of looking at all three of […]

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Maxence & Octave | Richardson Twin Newborn Photography


Recently I had the privelage of photographing my second set of newborn twins!  Boys this time.  I just ate them up obviously, I mean look at them!!  Bitty babies are the best and two bitty babies are even better.  As you may have picked up from their beautiful names, these boys are French!  It was […]

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Charlotte Newborn | Dallas Newborn Photography


By far the best newborn shoots I do are the ones of Ashley’s babies.  Thank God she keeps reproducing.  This is our fourth collaboration, and I must say I’m quite proud of it.  Ashley and I are a great newborn photography team because she has outstanding vision for each of the shoots we do, and […]

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