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Handsome Ransom 16 Months


  Oh Handsome Ransom how I love you!  The other night I took this guy out front to grab some photos and would you believe it, he actually POSED for me!  I shot a couple of frames, showed them to him, and he LOVED it.  He’d run back and forth posing and then checking himself […]

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Ransom Joseph | One Year


I can’t believe it’s been a year since Ransom Handsome surprised us all and burst onto the scene fashionably early.  His whole existence from conception till now has been an entirely different and precious season in my life as mom.  His name means ‘redemption’ and ‘God will add,’  which is a banner I believe he […]

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Ransom Six Months | Dallas Baby Photography


Y’all my baby is already nine months old.  I can’t believe it.  I have looooved being back in the baby game – sleepless nights, snot, spit up, teething, poopy diapers and all.  I have recently started referring to myself as a baby glutton.  I really can’t get enough.  People keep asking me if I’m ‘done’ […]

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Jane Grace One Year | Dallas Baby Photography


Whelp, Jane Grace turned one.  In February.  But then I had a baby in March.  So we did her one year photos in September, but goshdarnit we got them done before she turned two!  This girl.  I don’t even know what to say about her.  And her cheeks.  She’s a bucket of joy everywhere she […]

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Mommy and Ransom


You pick up a few things here and there when the mother of your children is a photographer.  Whether you want to or not ;-).  A couple of weeks ago I turned to Jake and said, “You know what would make me really happy that wouldn’t cost any money?”  His ears perked up.  This was […]

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