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Two Years of No-Poo

Two Years of No-Poo | Beth Dreyer

It was in May of 2011 that I officially stopped using shampoo.  It was one of my first public displays of unconventional behavior – behind becoming a missionary instead of going to college and using cloth diapers among other things.   Speaking of cloth diapers, I am so happy that you can buy BumGenius diapers […]

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No-Poo After Five Months

Since I decided to go no-poo in May, lots of friends have asked me about it  in parking lots, parties and over email.  The most common thing people have asked me is about the sugar scrub that I talked about, so I thought I’d go more into that and give an update about the state […]

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No-Poo: An Update

Jake and Beth Dreyer

This morning I woke up and took a shower.  This is not a normal occurrence for me.  Normally I am rudely awaken by one of my children, I groggily drag myself out of bed and take the boys into the kitchen.  In the kitchen I attempt to force a meal into them as they whine and tug […]

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No-Poo: My Experience So Far

No-Poo Ingredients

  Several weeks ago I tweeted that I had decided to go no-poo and asked for advice.  I got lots of good advice and several requests to blog about my experience.  So here goes friends.  Another chapter in the BethisCrazy saga. As I’ve said before, I’m all for reducing my family’s contact with chemicals as […]

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