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Personal Care Products That I Use

Non-Toxic Personal Care

People ask me all the time what lotion or makeup they should buy or what conditioner I use (I do condition even though I don’t use shampoo).  I do like to make some personal care products like deodorant, and I have dabbled in tooth soaps, body butters and lotions, but I like to buy stuff […]

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How to Clean a White Porcelain Sink (without bleach!)


I think white sinks are beautiful.  Especially white farm sinks.  Love em!  But my white porcelain sink takes on stains very easily so I have to work hard to keep it from getting too yucky.  Porcelain is a porous material which gets more porous as the years and chips and dings and general wear and […]

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Cleaning Without Chemicals

DIY Cleaning Products

Cleaning!  Without!  Chemicals!  Ashley makes fun of me nonstop for my refusal to use chemical cleaning products.  Even when I’m at her house and cleaning up the dishes, I root around in her pantry for things like vinegar and baking soda.  It’s ok, one of these days she’ll come around.  Probably because I won’t stop […]

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