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Meal Planning

Meal Plan

When I first got married, I was the least imaginative cook ever.  I was not very experienced with cooking and I completely lacked cooking vision.  At the end of the day I wanted to come home and eat, not come home and cook!  My grocery shopping was also uninspired.  I had a wildly limiting budget […]

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Three Young Living Products that Have Boosted My Energy Naturally

Young Living Products that Rock My World

Y’all.  I’m completely and undeniably obssessed with essential oils.  More specifically with Young Living Essential Oils and all of their products in general.  I realize it doesn’t make sense to start a sentence with the phrase ‘more specifically’ and end it with ‘in general’ but go with me here.  Y’all know I’m a health nut.  […]

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Personal Care Products That I Use

Non-Toxic Personal Care

People ask me all the time what lotion or makeup they should buy or what conditioner I use (I do condition even though I don’t use shampoo).  I do like to make some personal care products like deodorant, and I have dabbled in tooth soaps, body butters and lotions, but I like to buy stuff […]

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Real Food for Travel: What I Packed When Traveling Out of the Country


I am a high maintenance packer.  I am.  If I’m going to be gone, I want to have all of my usual comforts and options.  Now that I’m pregnant again, my usual level of packing maintenance has only increased.  Recently I wrote about what my real food/Weston A. Price diet for pregnancy.  You may have […]

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My Real Food Pregnancy Diet | Part II

My Real Food Pregnancy Diet | Beth Dreyer Photography | How I make the Weston Price Diet for Pregnant Mothers work in real life.

Ok so in part one of this series I shared about how I gradually went from incredulity to confidence that I could actually follow the dietary suggestions that the Weston A. Price Foundation has for pregnant and nursing mothers.  To see what those guidelines are, see part one!  Today I’m going to share about how […]

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