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Why Essential Rewards is Awesome


  Has anyone told you about Essential Rewards?  Do you see your crazy oily friends posting photos of their monthly oil orders and wonder what they’re so excited about?  Did someone try to explain it to you but you glazed over when you heard the words ‘auto-ship?’  Well this post is for you my friend. […]

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Oils for Every Season – Fall

Essential Oils For Every Season | Fall Oils

Young Living products are just wonderful.  I love them.  I use them all day every day.  I plan my budget around them.  I fantasize about them.  But you can’t run down to CVS and buy Young Living products when you realize you’re out of something.  You have to plan ahead.  Because I can’t run down […]

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Everyday Oils: A Day in the Life With the Premium Starter Kit

The Every Day Oils

So you went to a class about essential oils.  You sniffed, you smelled, you sampled.  But perhaps only two or three of the oils you tried especially caught your fancy while the rest went over your head.  Or perhaps you dove in and ordered your Premium Starter Kit, but now that you have it, you […]

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Three Young Living Products that Have Boosted My Energy Naturally

Young Living Products that Rock My World

Y’all.  I’m completely and undeniably obssessed with essential oils.  More specifically with Young Living Essential Oils and all of their products in general.  I realize it doesn’t make sense to start a sentence with the phrase ‘more specifically’ and end it with ‘in general’ but go with me here.  Y’all know I’m a health nut.  […]

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