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Needing Curb Appeal Suggestions!


I need help!  I’ve decided it’s time I did something about the front of my house, and I would love some suggestions.  I love my house, and when you drive up to it, it fits right in with the rest of the neighborhood (minus the poorly maintained landscaping).  Our neighborhood is full of ranch style […]

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I have a Dining Room!


Well my house has always had a dining room, but now I have a dining room that gets used!  Our dining room is currently holding Jake’s family’s dining room furniture originally purchased by his grandparents in the 60’s.  I think that’s pretty cool.  We are ‘storing’ it for his parents.  It’s been here for a […]

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Daring to Live Life on the Edge {or White Furniture with Two Boys}


We made a few changes to our furniture arrangements recently and I thought I’d share!  We used to have a white chair, a red slip-covered couch and a brown leather couch in the living room as you can see here.  It was homey and nice. But it’s always fun to have a change.  Now we […]

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Planning Your Wall Portrait Art

30x40 Canvas | Portrait Art | Beth Dreyer Photography

When I posted the most recent session I did of my boys, I told you that I had ordered a 30×40 canvas to go in my office.  Most people who read that couldn’t believe I’d ordered something so large!  Thirty by forty?  That’s enormous!  It is a large size, but it was actually the perfect […]

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Organic Bloom Mantle


Y’all know how much I love Organic Bloom frames.  Well I’ve had a lovely one on my mantle for the past few months and just haven’t gotten to show it to you yet!  This is a 16×20 Audrey frame in black.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my mantle after Christmas and when I […]

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