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Lily Kate’s Birth Story

Birth Photography | Denton Birth Photography

Who loves a good birth story?  If you don’t but you do want to scroll through some pretty pictures, I won’t be offended.  😉 Lily was my second VBA2C, and my first out of hospital birth.  Believe it or not, I’d been working towards an out of hospital birth with my midwife Donnellyn Dominguez for […]

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Ransom’s {Crazy, Spiritual, VBA2C} Birth Story | Part I

Newborn Feet

As soon as I became pregnant with Ransom I started seeing numbers in threes.  Everywhere I went I’d see numbers in threes.  If I picked up my phone to look at something, the time was 2:22, or 4:44.  If I woke up in the night it was at 1:11.  If I looked at the page […]

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Ransom’s {Crazy, Spiritual, VBA2C} Birth Story | Part II


Back when we named Ransom (go back and read about that if you haven’t already), we knew that Satan was not going to take the prophetic delcarations we were making over him lying down.  So, while we were not at all afraid, we were definitely on the lookout for how he might try to come […]

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37 Weeks | Nesting Update


Whelp, it’s happened.  I went from “I’ve never been this comfortable in my late third trimester” (excepting of course this day) to “Oh my gosh I’ve never been this kind of uncomfortable before in my third trimester.”  I thought I might avoid it, but I didn’t.  It happens.  Maybe it will go away!  I’ve been […]

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34 Weeks Pregnant | Cranky and Sleepy

34 Weeks Pregnant

It was somewhere around three in the morning and I was obviously awake.  I’m late in my third trimester, that point when sleep speeds off down the road ahead of you like a maniacal demon pausing to look back at you to point and laugh.  I had searing pain in both hips, the muscles above […]

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