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21 Weeks Pregnant


The weeks are flying by now!  I totally forgot to post yesterday since we got iced in.  It’s been awesome having Jake home and being snuggled up in our cozy house.  Isn’t it amazing how on days when your plans suddenly change because of weather, you just want to drop everything and take a nap?  […]

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17 Weeks Pregnant | Celebrating in the Midst of Hard


This posts about this pregnancy haven’t been as light hearted and funny as the posts from my previous pregnancies!  I have all of these funny little anecdotes about maternity pants and memory loss, but every time I’ve sat down to write, something else has come out.  That’s how life goes I guess!  This week and […]

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14 Weeks Pregnant | Digestion and Home Remedies


Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week was that I felt Baby move from the outside for the first time.  I’ve been feeling Baby from the inside here and there for quite some time now, but this was different.  I was laying down one afternoon and all of a sudden I felt this […]

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13 Weeks Pregnant


I had started writing something else entirely for this post.  But as it came out, it ended up being quite serious and deep, and I just don’t think that this Friday is about serious and deep, do you?  This Friday, let’s celebrate that there was a day last week where I wore makeup!  There may […]

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Summer Mama


This summer I have almost completely ditched makeup.  It’s so nice!  I do wear makeup to church and occasionally if I’m going out with Jake, but day to day, makeup has gone by the wayside.  I’m over all of the makeup in my bag.  It’s all really old and needs to be replaced, but really […]

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