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My New Job and Why I’m Doing It

My New Job and Why I'm Doing it

Hey y’all, how’s it going?  Pretend you’re sitting on the front porch with me drinking chai, and sit back and let me tell you something that I’m excited about!  You probably know that for almost a decade I had a photography business.  It was a dream job for me in so many ways.  Photographing families […]

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Lily Kate’s Newborn Photos


Y’all, it was fun for me to plan these photos.  Girl photos of my own!!  I had a bunch of ideas and inspiration, and as usually happens, new ideas sprang up during the actual shooting and I went with them.  I just gave you the secret of my entire creative process by the way.  Start with […]

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Lily Kate’s Birth Story

Birth Photography | Denton Birth Photography

Who loves a good birth story?  If you don’t but you do want to scroll through some pretty pictures, I won’t be offended.  😉 Lily was my second VBA2C, and my first out of hospital birth.  Believe it or not, I’d been working towards an out of hospital birth with my midwife Donnellyn Dominguez for […]

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Shep Goes to Girl’s Group


I have been listening to a whole lot of audiobooks lately.  I finish one and usually move right on to the next, but the week of this story I finished what I was listening to (Surprised by Motherhood, I highly recommend it!), but on my library’s Overdrive account, I was next in line for about […]

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Working for a Water Bottle


Recently my five year old son Rhett left his beloved water bottle at soccer practice.  I say beloved.  It was really only beloved because every night Jake or I would fill it up for him with fresh ice water, and every night he would take approximately one sip from it before he went to sleep.  […]

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