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This is what my first twin newborn session was really like.  You can see the pretty photos that we captured here, but there are much more photos like the ones I’m sharing today.  These sweet girls didn’t really want to sleep for us at the same time, but when they were both awake next to each other it was hilarious to just watch them!    Because I wanted to show you a bunch photos today, and newborn skin retouching takes forever, these are mostly un-retouched.  So here my friends are some cute photos to make your Monday a little brighter!  I have captioned them for added enjoyment.


“Oh look, your pacifier is getting eaten by the dog!!”

“Mom, she’s invading my personal space!”


“If you won’t feed me, I will eat my sister.  I will!”

“Talk to the hand, you don’t really taste so good after all.  Where’s my milk?!”

“Are you really going to just stand by and watch her do this to me???  Are you??”

“Don’t look at me like that, you just tried to eat me.”


“Who, moi?”

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October 24, 2013 - 8:38 am

Coli You already know how I feel about these. But I will add that if I ever have twins I will hire you to photograph them just-like-this. :)

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