How to Clean a White Porcelain Sink (without bleach!)

I think white sinks are beautiful.  Especially white farm sinks.  Love em!  But my white porcelain sink takes on stains very easily so I have to work hard to keep it from getting too yucky.  Porcelain is a porous material which gets more porous as the years and chips and dings and general wear and tear go on.  When we first moved into this house I thought I had stained my sink forever when I left some tea sitting in a puddle for several hours.  However after a little research I discovered a very easy way to keep my white sink looking bright and shiny without using bleach!  I figure anything whose fumes give me a raging headache can’t be doing good things for my health so I stopped using bleach.  My alternative?  Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda!

I took this photo of my sink after it had been soaking up some stains for a couple of days of cooking and leaving dishes piled up over the weekend.  This really isn’t as terrible as the sink sometimes gets but you can see the scuff marks and the discoloration in the top left corner.

The first step is to wipe down the sink so it’s fairly dry.  Then I take out my handy dandy spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and liberally spray the sink.  Then I walk away and go to bed.  If you’d like to spray vinegar as well this would give your sink a complete disinfecting.

Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties as we all know from when we tried to put it in our hair in seventh grade…  When I came out in the morning the sink looked like this:

Most of the stains gone but the scuff marks remained.  So out comes one of my very favorite things – the baking soda.  I just toss a bunch all over the sink and the add some soap to a sponge and apply a little elbow grease.

About three minutes and a nice rinse down and wipe out later, voila!  A white and lovely sink!

Here’s the before and after for you:

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November 24, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Connie I have a ?. He do you clean black porcelain from hard water stains?

November 29, 2013 - 3:54 pm

Beth Dreyer You know, I can’t answer that question, I’m so sorry!!

August 5, 2014 - 8:54 pm

Ben Hi Beth,
Just an FYI… You should keep Hydrogen Peroxide in an opaque bottle (brown or black). Light causes Hydrogen Peroxide to break down and it looses it’s effectiveness.

BTW, thanks for the tips on cleaning a white porcelain sink. I’m going to give them a shot.


August 6, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Beth Dreyer Thank you Ben, I didn’t know that!

December 11, 2014 - 10:38 am

Eva Brown The fact that green has become so discussed topic lately, makes me believe we are finally starting to realize that the environment and human beings are connected. If we take care of the nature and use what she offers us, giving her our respect in return, our lives would be more balanced and healthful

August 8, 2015 - 10:38 pm

Jessica Can I spray hydrogen peroxide every night without ruining our white porcelain sink?

August 10, 2015 - 4:32 pm

Beth Dreyer I’ve been doing it for years with no trouble!

October 5, 2015 - 8:04 am

Kelli Santos Fantastic tips! I use usually lemon and salt. It is really simple. just cut one lemon and scrub one part with salt. Then start scrubbing. It works! Your sink is going to shine like a new one. I hope my advice is useful. Best regards!

July 26, 2016 - 4:00 pm

CHARLOTTE I would also take either a q-tip or a heavy-duty toothpick & go around the metal collar where it meets the porcelain to remove the gunk that naturally collects there…but then I’m a nit-picker. Just ask my adult kids. :)

October 20, 2016 - 5:35 pm
March 6, 2017 - 3:34 pm

9 Genius Kitchen Spring Cleaning Hacks – Limor Suss […] spray some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on your sink overnight and wash it off in the morning. Here’s a before and […]

June 28, 2017 - 4:12 pm

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