Haun Family | Dallas Family Photography

Everyone loves the Hauns and I am no exception!  I was so excited to get to photograph them, and was thrilled when they showed up looking so colorful for their mini session.  These photos should be taken as nothing short of miraculous.  Getting such great shots involving three very young children in a span of 20 minutes start to finish is not a common occurrence, let me tell you!  I LOVE how these photos came out, and I’m so excited to share them with you.  Also, if you love the Hauns like I do, you’ll appreciate this trip down memory lane to the last time I photographed them in 2009.

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Wetzel Family | Dallas Family Photography

A few weeks ago I hosted mini-sessions for the first time in a few years!  They were fabulous.  It was the last day before the time change, the weather was warmish and beautiful, and everyone looked so dang cute.  I’ll be sharing them in the coming weeks.  First up is the Wetzel family!  I haven’t photographed them in a while, but check them out in 2009 here and 2011 here.


THIS might just be my favorite Beth Dreyer Photography photo of 2014.  And they ordered it a canvas, which made my heart sing because it is the PERFECT canvas image.  Love it, love it.

If I saw this photo and you told me that this was a Swedish child model I would not question you.

Katie was cracking us up!  American Idol here she comes!

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Mulligan Family | McKinney Family Photography

I have been photographing little Grayson since before he was born!  And his parents before that!  It was fun to do a family session with them after having Grayson on my baby plan.  We met up in downtown McKinney and walked around in what felt like blazing heat for late October.  Let’s be real, it WAS blazing heat for late October.  Just today I realized that I have yet to bake a single ‘pumpkin’ anything this year, and I blame it on the ridiculously hot fall we’ve had so far!!  I mean really.  But enough about me.

The Mulligans are such a precious family, and it has been a delight to photograph them as they have grown as a family.  Enjoy their photos!


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Knox Newborn | Dallas Newborn Photography

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing baby Knox!  He’s such a cutie!!  I snuggled and sniffed him and became sad that my baby is now a strapping six month old.  Then I moved on and had fun photographing him.  And then I found five dollars.  My strapping six month old just woke up from his nap so that’s all I’ve got time to say for now.  Enjoy some bitty baby cuteness.

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First Day of Fall | Three Brothers

Last week, on the first day of fall, we went to the Arboretum with my mom.  I obviously leaped at the chance to plan a photoshoot.  I went out and bought the boys each a new shirt/onesie and was so excited!  Then the morning of, that yellow and blue striped shirt was sparked some major jealousy, and the denim button up I had bought for Shep JUST was not going to do it.  Never mind trying to explain to a seven year old the complexities of mixing patterns, colors and fabrics for ideal photographagic bliss.  He wasn’t having that denim business and he really wished that he got to wear the yellow striped shirt.  He finally settled for the striped shirt that he had in his closet and his mother once again got to take a sip from the ‘you can’t control everything’ goblet.

When we arrived, we headed straight to this spot with the Crape Myrtle tree tunnel.  Tunnel?  I don’t know what else to call it.  I’m sure there’s a word…  Rhett asked me to read him the plaque on the ground and no lie friends, I looked at it and said ‘Crap-ay’ instead of Crape.  It’s just not good when you try to be all sophisticated with a word that has the potential to sound like ‘crap.’  But I digress.

Here are photos of all three of my wild men at the Arboretum!


Ok, now here I’d like for us to pause.  Most years I take photos of the boys amongst the pumpkins at the Arboretum, and recently I’ve been really nostalgic looking at old photos.  I just happened to have this photo below selected when I pulled up the photo beneath it – from 2010 – and I couldn’t believe the similarities between the two!  Indulge a biased mother if you will…





Now here they are smaller and right on top of each other for easy comparison.  Please note Rhett’s hands and eyebrows.  Also note Shep’s eyes and smile.  In both photos, my mom is standing to my left trying to get them to smile as I snap away, so the angles of their heads are the same.  I really don’t know what to do with myself.  My babies!!!!!  It’s ok if you want to click this image to make it bigger and stare at it for a while.


Ok now we can continue…


This guy isn’t quiiiiite sitting up by himself yet, so we propped him up with some pumpkins.  But gosh darnit he wanted to eat a pumpkin, and he would not turn and face me no matter what I did.  Fortunately he’s cute from every angle.



Last but not least, here is a photo of me and Ransom with a side by side of me and Shep from 2008.  My nostalgia is a runaway train which will not be stopped!!!  Please excuse the extreme photoshopping of my skin in the second photo, I was in an extreme photoshopping of skin phase at the time.


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