Why Essential Rewards is Awesome


Has anyone told you about Essential Rewards?  Do you see your crazy oily friends posting photos of their monthly oil orders and wonder what they’re so excited about?  Did someone try to explain it to you but you glazed over when you heard the words ‘auto-ship?’  Well this post is for you my friend.

First of all let me tell you what Essential Rewards is not.

ER (that’s what those in the know call it ;-)) is not a program in which you sell your life away committing to buy things you don’t need without ever having a way out that doesn’t involve a hand-written cancellation letter signed with the blood of a virgin.  It is not committing to ‘sell’ Young Living Products or to host classes, nag your friends, or pester your mother in law.  And lastly ER is not scary.

So if it’s not any of those things, what is it?  Well I’m glad you asked.

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s free autoship program which gives participants access to discounted shipping rates, the ability to earn points (like credit card points), and the option to earn extra freebies each month.  As I said it’s free to join, you can cancel at any time with a mere phone call (no virgins required) AND you get one grace month each year for when life happens and you just can’t squeeze it in the budget that month.  You also aren’t locked into a specific day that your order is placed!  If you want your order to be placed on the first of one month and the 25th of the next month, that’s totally cool.  All you need to do is put the products in your cart that you want, and as you complete the process, you’ll be able to select which day you want the order to go through and which card you want to use.

Now let’s talk about those points I mentioned.

For the first six months you’re enrolled in Essential Rewards, you recieve 10% of the points you spend back.  Each product is assigned a Point Value or PV.  For the most part, the PV and the price are the same number.  So if you order $65/65 PV worth of products, you’ll get 6.50 PV back in your little Young Living points account.  From months 7-12 when you’re enrolled in ER, this amount jumps to 15%, so on that same 65 PV order you’re now getting 9.75 points back.  Then from months 13 on, you recieve 20% back!  Now on that 65 PV order you’re recieving 13 points back.  It’s like free money!

Well what am I going to buy every month?  I have the PSK, what else could I need?

I’m so glad you asked.  Did you know that Young Living doesn’t just have oils?  Did you know that they have chemical free and oil infused toothpastes, mouthwash, hand soap, lotions, and skin care products?  Did you know that they have world class supplements, all-natural energy drinks, and protein powder?  Did you know that there are all kinds of other oils besides the ones that came in your starter kit that can support your emotional health as well as support your body’s different systems?  Did you know that there are oils that create cologne like scents which also support your man’s hormones?!  You didn’t?  Well now you know!  One thing I really recommend to everyone is to start drinking Ningxia Red.  Ningxia Red was a game changer for me.  I love that I’m getting a whole host of nutrients by drinking something yummy that helps boost my energy levels!  Win-win!  I also have developed some every day oil routines, and I have different oils that I stock up on for each season.  Because of all of these things, including my determination to have a chemical free home, ordering products every month and being on Essential Rewards is a no-brainer for me.  Especially as I’m rapidly approaching the 20% back mark with my points accumulation! (cue nerdy excited dance) I’m ordering things like toothpastes (both kid and adult), supplements (both kid and adult), Ningxia Red (for the family), plus any oils that are running low or that I want to add to my arsenal, am getting better shipping rates, AND am getting points back which I can use to get products I need or want to try for free!


I also mentioned qualifying for free goodies didn’t I?  Well not only can you get free goodies with your points, you also qualify for monthly freebies as well.  I know.  I just keeps getting better.  Each month, Young Living does a promotion offering free bonus products for those who place 190, 250, or 300 PV orders.  Anyone who places an order in these point increments will receive bonus products, but each month there is an ADDITIONAL bonus product for ER customers.  Praise Him.  This month I am getting over $200 of free stuff y’all.  And that was without even using my points!!!  This monthly promotion has been the most awesome way for me to try new oils and products, because often the bonus products are things that I really wanted but couldn’t squeeze in my budget, OR just didn’t know how to use and didn’t want to order myself.  Some of my favorite oils now were oils that I received as a bonus for free.  For instance, Vetiver.  It was the free oil earlier this year, but I didn’t know anything about it so I would never have ordred it for myself.  When I got it for free, I started using it and discovered that after it sits on the skin for a few minutes, it smells like cologne (the first couple of minutes it smells like grass, persevere)!  And I LOVE it!!  It is now Jake’s go-to cologne and it’s completely chemical free and benefitting his body at the same time!


Now let me go back up to where I said 190, 250, and 300 PV orders.  Yes that generally does translate into $190, $250, and $300.  But before you freak out and decide you don’t have that in your budget, just remember that we are talking about replacement buying bath, body, and laundry products, supplements, energy drinks and even cologne (!!) as well as oils.  Consider ways that you will begin to save money as your family’s wellness improves and you spend less money on sickness.  For me, at first I barely had the $50 per month in my budget.  I basically signed up in faith.  But I really felt like God was telling me to just USE the oils and USE the products without worrying so much about them running out.  And you know what, He has provided.

SO take stock, look at the high quality products that Young Living has which you use in daily life, pray, and see if Essential Rewards is the money-saving blessing for your family that it has been for ours!  (And if it’s not, no worries!)

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Oils for Every Season – Fall

Young Living products are just wonderful.  I love them.  I use them all day every day.  I plan my budget around them.  I fantasize about them.  But you can’t run down to CVS and buy Young Living products when you realize you’re out of something.  You have to plan ahead.  Because I can’t run down to CVS and purchase Young Living items, I have learned to be one step ahead of the game by stocking up in advance based on what I think we might need or run out of in a given period of time.  There’s nothing worse than getting in a situation where you know exactly which oil you want only to realize the bottle is empty or that you just plain haven’t ever ordered it, or worse, it’s out of stock!  Amiright?    So I thought I’d start a series for you here on the blog called Oils For Every Season.  The upcoming season is fall, but you already knew that.  Happy September.  Fun fact about me, I have a fall Christmas playlist which I broke out on September first.  I am that person.  But moving on, the FDA doesn’t let me tell you why I’m anticpating the need for these products, so I’m going to need you to use your imagination or your reference guide.  Preferably both.  Are you with me? 😉  Here is my fall lineup:


Let me give you a run down of each product.


1. Thieves:  I’d like to think this one is pretty obvious.  If not, consult your reference guide!  Thieves is wonderful to diffuse in the air, apply to the bottoms of feet at night, and to roll (diluted) along the spine each day.

2. Release: I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t have the Joy Joy Joy Joy, down in my heart during fall activities.  For instance, when at the pumpkin patch, and two out of three children wet their pants.  When things like that happen, I like to have a little help Release-ing my negative emotions.

3. DiGize: DiGize is just really wonderful for every day digestational wellness and function.  It is also wonderful when during that road trip to Grandma’s you decided to read a book in the car, and are soon regretting it.  Or while at Grandma’s, when you ate three times more food than your body was designed to consume and now you are regretting it.

4. Frankincense: Just always good to have on hand.  Consult your reference guide.  When it doesn’t make sense, Frankincense!  I just made that up.

5. Joy: See #2.

6. Oregano: See your reference guide.  Oregano is a heavy hitter.

7. R.C.: I love to diffuse this at night when respiratory systems need support.  Again, consult your reference guide.



1. Inner Defense: Defend your innards.  From the website – Young Living’s Inner Defense™ reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves® which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support. The liquid softgels dissolve quickly for maximum results.

2. Thieves Hard Lozenges: Ever since these showed up the other day, Rhett has been pulling out this puny little fake cough and looking up at me with sad puppy eyes saying, “Mommy, do you think I need a Thieves Lozenge?”  From the website – Thieves® Hard Lozenges will refresh your mouth and breath and provide soothing relief for your throat. Lightly sweetened with the low-glycemic sugar maltitol, these lozenges deliver the power of Thieves®, the university-tested essential oil blend, along with the flavor of natural peppermint and lemon essential oil.

3. Thieves Mouthwash: There is in fact a pattern here.  Great for your teeth and gums, fabulous for your breath, great for gargling to soothe a throat.

4. Thieves Spray: Spray it on any surface wherever you go for quick cleansing, use it on your hands, and it is not technically approved for internal use, but  ~cough cough~.

5. Thieves Waterless Purifier: I know we are addicted to our hand sanitizer here in the US.  This product is much better for you than the kind you can buy at the store.  AND it now comes in a giant pump bottle as well as the travel sized bottle!



1 drop Cinnamon + 2 drops Nutmeg + 4 drops Orange: is a lovely fall diffuser blend.  Experiment with these oils in your diffuser.  Don’t have them all?  Use what you have!  Try adding lemon or clove.  Just have fun experimenting!  Forget that chemical laden pumpkin spice candle.  This gives a beautiful smell while supporting your immune system.  Now that’s what I call a win-win.


There are so many other oils and products I could mention, but this is already plenty, and frankly I already made the graphic. :-)  In addition to all of these, we drink Ningxia Red year round for every day wellness, and we think you should too.  It tastes great and is fabulous for your body.

I hope this helps you as you make some decisions for your fall wellness arsenal!  Don’t let this post overwhelm your or discourage you in any way if you feel like there’s no way you can go out and order all of these products.  Just pick one or two things and start there!  Baby steps y’all.

What other YL products are you stocking up on that I didn’t mention?  I’d love to hear!

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